Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to our Scavenger Hunt!  Clues will be released at 5 PM CST on 6/2!

Rules are below


  • Takes place in The East Village. Nothing north of Des Moines St., nothing south of Court Ave., nothing east of 7th/ Penn, nothing west of the river. 

  • Look for the rainbow, take a picture with it on your phone to show at the end of the hunt if you want to claim a prize. 

  • All rainbows will be found outside

  • Please don’t touch the rainbows. If you are caught moving a rainbow you’ll be automatically disqualified.

  • First 100 teams to finish will get a swag bag prize. 

  • Must be finished by 8pm to claim a prize. 

  • If you get to a location that you are sure is correct and it seems that the rainbow is missing, take a picture with your ENTIRE team so we know it’s a picture from today. Be careful though, it could just be the wrong location!